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Friday, April 21, 2006


by any other name

news hour reports "running gun battles on the streets" of "Baghdad & other cities" between "neighborhood Sunni militias and Shiite security forces"


Who else loves the Falun Gong (sp?) protestor who balled out pres hu on the white house lawn? hu met with boeing, microsoft, starbucks (whaa??) et al in seattle - what a shitshow. we keep our thumb on cuba while we kiss china's ass? we kick iran in the shins while throwing money at n korea? i don't get it

bush turned his back on the woman to face hu, hands folded in front. so much for the importance of religion in public life (maybe just spirituality, given fg's positions?)

Wednesday, April 19, 2006



this whole blog is spam (i think)


By golly!

Rumsfeld's a dork when he's defensive. and did you know he stands for eight hours a day at work? he offered that as justification for using forced standing for torture!

Weird how this story doesn't seem that big a deal to me (the outspoken generals, not the torture! that story is so last week) . . why did i just now realized i'm not as shocked as i should be . . . must be the torture (hard to beat, that one).

by the way, he compares his pressing for the war to disagreeing over a tank design. only pattern i see there is that he puts way too much energy into thinking about killing people.

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