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Friday, August 19, 2005


Blinky pants

Holy crap. Y'all thought GORETEX, KEVLAR, and
TUPPERWARE were the best we could do? Sheets, kids!
Frickin' nanosheets! Ahh, sweet opiate that is
technology....now I'm not saying people'll be walking
around with bullet-proof exoskeletons or nuthin',

I won't even try to get into what makes nanotech so
cool and so potentially useful, or how it works, but
I will remind the reader that we can't even imagine what
we'll be able to do with this stuff. Exoskeletons ain't
nothing if they don't endow the wearer with super-
strength and cloaking ability, right? Body
modification could also take some interesting turns...

This isn't about useless Buckyballs, or about clothes
that can light up (although that could work). All of our
guesses as to what this tech will be turn out to be will
be primitive, anachronistic hopes.

Exciting times, friends--interesting to see what we do
with them. We still need those replacement organs....

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