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Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Bush's "Lies"

OK, so it's been noted that Bush is again tying Iraq to 9/11, and it's been said that this "dessicated lie" (see previous post on I&P) is not only egregious but stupid.

We need to see this properly. Although it's a great card to play, calling out the Pres on his bunk link between the two, we ourselves are not being totally honest. Bush's speech is actually one of the most honest things he's said (still wrong, though, when he invokes Cold War dominoe-theory bullshit, given the different dynamic): Bush actually admitted in the speech that his goal was to __control the region__. Of course that's his goal! From Israel to Pakistan (and beyond), we're trying to become the dominant power. Economic colonialism backed by force, dig?

My point is that liberals could get a lot more mileage from this observation than by pointing out that Bush is a liar--everyone knows that already (although it's great that it's happened). Just try not sounding like "conspiracy theorists" talking about the New World Order (quotes used because it's hardly a conspiracy anymore, given CAFTA, WTO practices, attempted control of the Middle East, etc.--their arrogance shows by letting it right out in the open now).

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