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Saturday, August 20, 2005


Commenting on the News

Is a new national pastime. Let me take a crack: Bagnews muses: "I started to consider the power of an image; the strength (and cunning) of the right wing PR machine; and the lemming-like gullibility of a big chunk of the electorate (as well, of course, as the fact Saddam and Osama used to be roommates, and the quote--insurgency--unquote is in its last throes)....

"Finally it was clear (if not already obvious to everyone else) that Cindy's otherwise inspiring mission is not strong enough to do more than amplify mostly left-wing anti-war sentiment (and possibly provide stimulus for more broad-based questioning).

"Which ultimately means that what is needed (which has always been needed) are actual politicians to stop that man before he kisses again."

I disagree, if only because political action will be only the last step, and "broad-based questioning" and more will be required first. In fact, I again forecast that the culture split represented by disagreement over the war will continue to be more apparant as we progress. For instance, I've witnessed and had people (in Austin) actually wishing each other and myself Peace and flashing signs (and not at a vigil).

The discussion on Bagnews ranges from whether Bush is forcing Ms. Sheehan to kiss in the picture, to how good or bad the release of these pictures make him look.

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