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Thursday, August 18, 2005


Justice Roberts

Hmm....I had thought that the stink over Roberts'
appointment was a smokescreen by those coopting the
feminist movement (after all, Roberts _did_ say that
_Roe v. Wade_ was "sacrosanct" after _Casey_, right?),
but material released by the Reagan Library in Simi
Valley made me groan: during his tenure as a White
House lawyer for the former-actor-cum-el-presidente,
Roberts "disparaged state efforts to combat
discrimination against women and wondered whether
'encouraging homemakers to become lawyers contributes
to the common good.'"

Well, it really does look like this guy's stuck in the
past. What common good was he (is he?) talking about?
The one implanted in his conservative head as a child?
The one that wants to teach children that we don't
fall down because of gravity, but rather because God's
just pushed us (kidding, they want to do that with

And what irony that he's replacing O'Connor! First
woman appointed to the Supreme Court (by Reagan, no
less), after she fought hard to break into the legal
industry (like doing secretary work after passing the
bar just to pay the rent), replaced by a guy that
wouldn't have wanted her there. For real.

Looks inevitable ladies. Get you to the LSAT
(looks like we need the help)! (Except the hemophobic
Ophelias in the audience tonight--it's not worth the
psychic bloodletting).

For real for real.
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