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Sunday, August 21, 2005


Mike Allen

Three days ago, Mike Allen at the Washington Post wrangled some out-context quotes from Ms. Sheehan in Crawford, showing a seeming bias against her cause. Bad press.

"But," now says Allen, "if Sheehan winds up providing the catalyst for a muscular antiwar movement, Bush's handling of the matter will turn out to be not only characteristic but also consequential." Allen is right in pointing out in the first paragraph that Bush has brought this on himself. What remains to be seen is whether Dubya's gambit will pay off for the Republicans in 06 and 08.

Interesting pitch shift, Mike. Also interesting: your metareporting: "On ABC's 'Good Morning America,' George Stephanopoulos said that 'a lot of Republicans would say...that this is the president's Swift boat moment,' a reference to Sen. John F. Kerry's tardiness in responding to attacks on his war record during last year's presidential campaign."

Much better press, methinks. Also, the Guardian recognizes a "tipping point."

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