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Thursday, August 18, 2005


Political Happenings and Points of Departure

Seeing both such a movement and the media feeding frenzy
surrounding it (this blog included) take off has made quite an
impression on my own perspective. For real, I doubted
our ability as a people to rise up again.
Looks like "they've" done it now.

The country, now that its media has a figure to center
a story around, is finally experiencing a burgeoning
peace movement. Of course, the sentiments already
existed before Cindy Sheehan became the sand in the
oyster. But it really is amazing that a single person,
merely by going to Crawford (what, we can actually
assemble and petition our government?) and speaking to
a few reporters, can give life to tensions already
widely extant and begin to change the world.

Of course, the media and various political groups have
interests in Ms. Sheehan--she gives them something to
do. But for all the videocameras and still cams at
Camp Casey, anyone there could tell you that this
thing was not organized by some group. The people in
Crawford last weekend held a variety of political,
religious, and philosophical views, and not all saw
her message perfectly matching their own. However,
everyone there felt a part of something larger than
themselves--they felt in the middle of the action.

Likewise, my single decision to skip work and leave
Friday morning, made on impulse late the night before,
also led me down a path much different than what might
have been. I wouldn't have made it to the site until
Saturday night (and even then, I would only have
gotten to see Alex Jones barking). As it happened, not
only did I see some old friends and meet some new
ones, but I've got a trip to Tijuana to look forward
to. Sweet.

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