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Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Weaving the strands

I love this article. Brings the Bush-war-Sheehan issues all home, at least for me.

Also, it's great when you can be totally objective and still bash Bush. And that's the cool thing about a media developement--you can talk about the talk, and ultimately end up talking about the walk. Which reminds me of a Pacifica host's today saying that the talk about Sheehan is not about her, but about the president.

Also, is Bush following me? Idaho seems an unlikely place to begin rallying support (it is a red state, but Idaho? come on...). Get where the gettin's good, I guess.

Well, there's Idaho and then there's Idaho. Yeah, parts of it are crammed with white supremacists and polygamous Mormon excomms. But like many beautiful places in so-called "red" Western states, the cities have attracted some very liberal folk who live there for the natural beauty and the laid-back lifestyle. Vide Montana, Colorado, etc.
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