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Thursday, September 01, 2005


Midterm elections

Mercury News hits the nail on the head. Cindy Sheehan has started an anti-war movement. On the other hand, the majority of her supporters don't think that means we should pull out of the reconstruction.

We must start thinking about Bush's midterm elections--taking away his legislative powers is the best way (he's not going to get impeached, folks) to reverse trends. We're not going to leave Iraq right now, but I think enough people have seen that [this] war is pointless.

It needs to go beyond her. I hope she opens it up as she goes to DC.

I also hope Bush looks as bad regarding Katrina as he should--after all, we stopped fixing the levees because the money was diverted towards to the war. If the levees were fixed, they probably wouldn't have broken...continue the line yourself, and remember the nuts shooting as police helicopters. Maybe people will stop voting against their interests and vote reps in with some priorities. Who knows...

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