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Friday, November 11, 2005



Of course, it's not the way to live your life. It's not the emotion on which to base any sort of policy. It may even be a "secondary emotion" that's more harmful than productive. But don't images like the ones conjured up by our corrupt military make people angry? Gotta check the papers tomorrow.

I could hardly work today. I could hardly give the cashier my six dollars for a gyro and coke at lunch, knowing that civilians had been burned alive in her name, or at the least that she probably didn't know about it, didn't care, felt resigned, or didn't even identify with her country that's doing this shit.

What to feel-----Pity? Disbelief? Resignation? Disengenuous indignation? Or am I just arrogant in thinking that I'm the only one that feels this way...are others just better at putting on a happy face?

I feel like spitting on soldiers.

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