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Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Now it's little boys..is that better?

Eh, technically his grandad. Yes, his grandfather. Fucking sickos. Now the MPAA is suing 12-yr olds. Remember the little girl the RIAA went after? There was a huge friggin' stink over it, and they backed off (a little--they started suing people who could at least vote). That was back when locking up a Russian h/cracker (hey, let's use the "h"--it was for blind people, right?) would cause protests in San Fran and a boycott of the best portable doc software ever.

I really did have a little more hope for the movie makers; they seemed a bit more reasonable (at least silent) on the issue of sharing/piracy/fair-to-free use than the phonorecording industry. Maybe they're both just running a relay race.

Shit, the family already owned .75 of the movies--that's fair use, you fucks! Sure, space-shifting is not fair use, at least not enough to excuse the original Napster in the 9th Circuit. But come on--if these reps of the industry are trying to make an example (explicity--rtfa), you'd think they'd go after big downloaders and not pick on marginal infringers, asking $1.25K for each file. Seriously, what the fuck..I hope they're wrong in thinking they're not shooting themselves in the foot. Maybe I'm not though--everyone's so caught up in the scotus shit, the war, blah blah...our attention span is so short. And so is mine; nunc postus interruptus est.

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