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Monday, July 10, 2006



NPR is right in saying that, in the wake of the SCOTUS's decision in Hamdan (the best decision defense lawyers could hope for), Congress must either afford terrorism detainees a proceeding that accords with due process conerns (that is, a trial) or repeal the McCain anti-torture bill. Oh, and Bush doesn't have unitary authority. NPR : Congress Weighs Options on Tribunals. Damn, prezbush - you got slapped!

NPR also reports on Morning Edition that Repubs are saying this debate could tear their party apart like the Voting Rights Act tore the Dems apart in '64 (sourthern dems voting against, and remember LBJ pushed southerners to pass the act. Also, they (repubs) don't want to be seen as pro-discrimination here too (although I see it more as a hawkish stance than a discriminatory stance, although the logical step isn't too far).

To think Bush denied these placed existed and denied they had to provide due process. And now the JAG attorney who defended Hamdan (through detention including appeal) says he expects to lose his job.

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