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Tuesday, July 11, 2006


USDOJ answers Schumer - Hamdan, Grubbs, & The Program

NSA.Hamdan.response.schumer.pdf (application/pdf Object)

Well, even though the AUMF doesn't grant him a blank check, prezbush says the Force Resolution grants him a get-out-of-FISA-free card. He can't torture, deny a trial-like proceeding, or us the fruits of the former in the latter, but he can spy on us. Another challenge in/to the SCOTUS next term then, then.

I still make a good point in saying that Grubbs is the decision that controls The Program. See my post on this blog, Reading Good News In The Tea Leaves. FYI The Program what the NSA (Nat'l Secuity Agency) and prezbush call spying on us.

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